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15 June 1987
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HI! H I! *clap clap*

M'names Matty, I'm an eccentric 21 year old that loves life. I'm a singer/songwriter, I love chatting with my friends and being myself. I love to go out and be sociable. I dunno, I guess I'm just a happy-go-lucky person that loves to hang out with friends and just enjoy the wonders that life can bring.

Alright, I may come across as an absolute airhead, but I do possess a great deal of intelligence and common sense (shock horror). I can be serious when I want to be, and I always express myself. I'm different; my moods fluctuate, and I always express how I feel. I think it's silly to bottle emotions. It works for some people, but for me it doesn't. I don't write sad things in an attempt to gain sympathy; I simply write it to get it out of my system. I don't expect people to say "awww" as I'm not a hopeless emo fuck that will slit his wrists if someone doesn't say it. Thankfully, the way that I express myself helps greatly - it allows me to release my frustrations without upsetting others. I do appreciate when friends comment on my LJ - it shows that they're taking time to read what's going on. :) Thanks, people!

I'm a songwriter ^^ I love to write songs! I've been writing songs since the age of fourteen, give or take a few months.

My keyboard is cool too! Her name is Tempest I make a lot of my music with her! ^_^

As well as Kaydence, my guitar. She sounds awesome.

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I love my friends, they're just like my family. Guys and gals, I love you all to death; and if it weren't for any of you then I wouldn't be as happy a person as I am right now. You all have personal qualities that bring out the best in you and you always manage to bring out the best in me.

I dislike people who discriminate and those who are judgemental. Also those who hold silly little grudges can grow up and leave me alone. I find that my being straightforward provokes these people to be nasty towards me. And I don't have time to apologise to hopeless little whingers who can't understand that they're not the centre of attention. Sorry, but you're time wasters.


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